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If It Weren't For You

by ooiso



ooiso is a musical project based in Tokyo, Japan. The project is a musical exploration with a focus on bringing the listeners feelings and memories to the surface. In terms of genre, for the sake of classification, ooiso revolves around Downtempo, trip hop, and ambient with some influence of house and trap music.

Since Left of Field records is based around raising money and giving recognition toward mental health disorders, I wanted to make a concept EP based around a tough patch in my life. I was in Chicago, finishing up school. I had a year to go or something, but there was this semester where I just couldn’t even get out of bed to go to school. It was tough for me to leave the house. I couldn’t really go to church either. My conversation with family members were pretty shallow, but I was lucky enough to have a few good friends who stuck by me. Thanks for living with me and putting up with my bullshit time after time, thanks for letting me crash at your apartment, thanks for cooking/buying me food, thank you for everything. I literally wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.


released February 15, 2016

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Special thanks to everyone who helped me make this EP possible


Ian Lumsden

Brother Mine

Cavan Brady


Mastered by bluhax

Shout out to everyone on Dojang and Liam.



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