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Primitivism EP

by Shaman B

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Lee Adcock
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Lee Adcock Astonishing. Takes several unexpected turns into far-flung corners of the world. Favorite track: Bamboo Gardens.
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Waveless Shaman B has proven himself an incredibly talented producer and visionary with this EP. It incorporates a lot of elements from world music in a way that's comfortable and warm.
Makes me happy! Favorite track: Bamboo Gardens.


"With this EP I tried to incorporate many different influences and music styles that inspire me, and create something that is at least a little bit cohesive. As a young producer I am always learning and improving, but this is the first release of mine that I feel I have accomplished a sound that I am happy with. There is a whole new wave of emerging music producers like myself out there trying to be heard, and this EP is just one of the first steps in my musical career. I see a lot of copycatting and hear a lot of music that just sounds like it has been done before, so all I can do is try to be as true to myself as I can be as far as music producing; having said that, there are so many producers right now who have a really unique sound and just keep it real (shout out to my Left of Field peeps). All I can hope for is that I contribute to the internet’s music scene in some way with this release.

Thank you Left of Field for releasing this EP. Also thank you friends and fam for liking my music. And finally a big thank you to all the musicians out there on Soundcloud and beyond that inspire me. Peace out. —Shaman B."

Shaman B:





released May 9, 2014



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